Fishing Diary 

16.2.13 Mana Cruising Club fishing comp. 20knot northerly and reasonably choppy conditions. Swiftsure netted the biggest snapper of the day and the biggest terekihi to pick up a couple of good prizes.

13th July In the window of opportunity we had a fish yesterday out at Hunters. Picked up a whole bunch of terakihi, big horse mackerals and several butterfly perch. It wasn't fast and furious but steady as we go and before you knew it a good day was had, with a good bagful of fillets to take home. Fishing just the way I like it! 

21st July Kapiti Island was used as a block for the northerly winds that prevailed. We went through a bit of sea to get there but it proved to be the right choice. Fished most of the day there coming up with the usual suspects. Had a fish at Hunters on the way back this was productive also.

29th July Boulcott hospital was my last stop with shoulder reconstruction. This resulted from me in February doing battle with an oversize crayfish which caused more damage to an already over used fishing shoulder. All good now, waiting for the movement to come back and we will be back into it

Shoulder is now good as new now, so back into it, although the weather has not played its part with a large number of charters being postponed. The snapper have moved in, we caught a truck load on 5th December while not big they were all a nice size. A few groper have turned up but they are becoming harder and harder to find. Plenty of kahawai and terakihi and the odd warehou. When you get a good day its magic just to out there.

We have been pretty busy lately with every weekend and some week days booked out. A large range of fish are being caught but often it takes a bit of poking around to find them. The constant southerlies that we are experiencing at the moment have dropped the water temp but not enough to slow the fish down. We caught some albacores the other day at the back of Hunters and a whole bunch of terrors. The snapper seem to come and go so it can be a bit quiet when we have a fish for them. But this is what fishing is about.... being patient


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