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provides  fishing charters for individuals and groups. Based in Wellington we take fishing charters from Mana to Ohau, Kapiti, Marlborough Sounds and Cook Strait. A good fishing experience.

Swiftsure Cook Strait Fishing Boat

We have a wealth of knowledge concerning fishing and diving, with many years of combined service around this region.


Skipper - Rolfe Everson has been fishing and diving for a good number of years up and down the south west coast of Wellington.

The boat Switftsure, is a 14m Cook Strait fishing boat. Swiftsure was built in Picton by the Carey Boat Yard in 1984. Originally designed and used successfully as a tuna trolling and long line fishing vessel from Greymouth to Manakau. Swiftsure has now retired from commercial fishing and has been fitted out to fish larger groups of people on her ample covered deck.

Swiftsure is 14m in length and weighs in at 25 tonnes when fully loaded. She is in survey and is equipped with all the modern facilities. 

Jimmy the Fish anticipating another day of fishing and filleting.

We generally fish on the south west coast but depending on the conditions we will go elsewhere to ensure that we can provide the best opportunities to catch the targeted  favoured species of groper, tarakihi, snapper and blue cod along side the fish that never fail to excite such as john dory, kahawai, trumpeter etc.  

We offer half day and full day charters and evening trips. On all our full day trips we offer food, bait filleting and fishing advice. All trips are inclusive of the tackle and rod hire so all you have to do is get on the boat and go. There are no add on costs with our operation.

Give me a call to see if we are available and be surprised how competitive we are.


If you are reading this then you may be interested in the cost comparisons of having your own boat versus a few charters per year.

Lets start with your boat. Say you want one that won't sink and can take maybe a couple of mates (or even your wife) with you. I think you would at least want a 5m plus for down here. You could have something smaller if you were in sheltered waters like Auckland, Coromandel etc. But here it can get a little gnarly quickly so you don't want to get caught out in a small boat. (Although we see plenty of people out in areas in small craft where it is just plainly dumb to be). So for this out lay I am picking $35K for a reasonable second hander.

Then being a responsible person you need to make sure it is equipped with all the safety gear including a VHF, fire extinguishers, flares (up to date) first aid, spare petrol, life jackets, the list goes on. Once you have your boat set up on your tralier you have to have a wagon to tow it. But I won't allow for that in this excercise.

Running costs are quite high here especially if you have mates with short arms or given the benefit of the doubt don't understand the costs involved taking your boat out for the day and slip you $20 and thank you for letting them use your fishing gear of which $20 of sinkers are still on the bottom.

So here we go:

Costs based on 5.5m fibre glass boat running a 115HP 2 stroke.

Trailer rego $100

Boat insurance $380

Annual tune up $450

Petrol per trip 30L @ $2.20 including oil = $64 annual fuel 17 x 64 = $1088

Boat finance (assuming you have the cash) $35,000 @ 4% $1400 less tax say $980

Average engine hours per year 50

Average engine trip 3 hours (17 trips per year)

Plus bait and misc items for each trip @ $15 per trip = $255

Not including fishing gear and not catching fish.

Annual total $100 + $380 + $450 + $1088 + $980 + $255 = $3253

Trip cost @ 17 per annum = $191

Charter cost $150 per person.

This excercise is not taking into account the pleasure you have from owning and caring for your own boat and taking you friends out for a days fishing. If you have anything to add to this, drop me a line skipper@wellingtoncharters.co.nz


Boat Safety

Swiftsure operates under the Safe Ship Manangement System and is fully compliant with all requirements laid down by Maritime New Zealand.



Our friendly and experienced staff are always eager to help you.

Marianne Everson with one of the three puka she bagged at Fishermans. 

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